4th Season

#1 Lights Up
#2 The Chosen Few
#3 To Protect...
#4 Crash and Burn
#5 Judgement Day
#6 Firestarter
#7 Ladies' Day
#8 Crime and Punishment 1
#9 Crime and Punishment 2
#10 Second Chances
#11 Castles of Sand
#12 Snow Blind
#13 Collateral Damage, Part I
#14 Collateral Damage, Part II
#15 10-13
#16 Letting Go
#17 Last Call
#18 Everybody Lies
#19 In Confidence
#20 Closing In
#21 The Price of Nobility

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#1 Lights Up: Aired Monday, September 30, 2002

Faith gets her husband, Fred, out of the stalled elevator, while Bosco finds out from the Yokas children that their parents went to the doctor. Bosco finds Faith and takes an unconscious Fred to the hospital. Faith lashes out at Bosco in her grief, but Bosco calmly goes to get her children and bring them to the hospital. Faith's daughter Emily is growing up. Bosco takes some of Faith's words to heart and lets Latrell, who saved the kid shot by a shotgun, out of lockup. Carlos blows up at Doc for never listening to him, and accuses Doc of being an unhappy man with a little bit of power. Ty and Sully are interrupted in the chaos of the blackout by a strange woman who claims her boyfriend has been hurt. The boyfriend turns out to be the married Chief of Patrol of the police force, and Ty and Sully suspect the woman to be a prostitute, but when the woman, Nancy, collapses with internal bleeding and shows signs of rape, Ty sticks around to figure out what happened. Ty's picture appears on the front page of the newspaper calling him a hero. Sully tells his wife, Tatiana, that he believes she wasn't a prostitute, but secretly he gets her fingerprints.

#2 The Chosen Few: Aired Monday, October 7, 2002

Sully runs his wife's prints and finds out that she is, in fact, Natasha Guerin, and has a history of prostitution. When Ty and Sully find a floater in the river they cross paths with Detective Madjanski, who works the Russian mob, and Madjanski thinks Sully is stepping on his toes when he finds out he ran Natasha's prints. Madjanski tells Sully Natasha was last with Chevchenko two weeks ago. Sully confronts Tatiana who admits her prostitution past but swears she hasn't seen Chevchenko since Sergei was beaten. Sully goes to Madjanski and tells him that Natasha is his wife. Fred Yokas is still in the hospital, and is in a strangely peaceful mood. Faith finds out that Fred feels like he was touched by Jesus and worries that Fred seems ready to die when he goes in for triple bypass surgery. While Faith is on leave, Bosco works on undercover detail in Spanish Harlem under a tough female sergeant. Doc finds out Sarah Morales got married. Ty finds himself turning down offers of shady promotion from the chief that he saved during the blackout.

#3 To Protect...: Aired Monday, October 14, 2002

When their diabetic child goes missing, a couple is quick to accuse a registered child molestor who lives in their building. Faith and Bosco question the kid's best friend and discover that he actually fell into an air shaft when he was throwing bricks from rooftops. Alex finds herself in the unique position of having the paramedic skills to treat the kid, and being the only firefighter small enough to fit down the air shaft. Alex hangs onto the kid in the shaft to keep him from falling to his death while Jimmy breaks through a wall to get to them. Carlos insists he has the perfect "older" woman for Doc in his building, but Doc hits it off with a cutie in a bar... until he realizes he never got her number. Sully makes the difficult decision to help Madjanski spy on Tatiana/Natasha to get to Chevchenko. Faith's remarkably adult daughter Emily picks up the slack around the household while Fred is in the hospital, but she doesn't make Faith feel good about it.

#4 Crash and Burn: Aired Monday, October 21, 2002

Jimmy is out riding his motorcycle and is minorly involved in a huge pile-up on the Hudson River Parkway. Doc is frustrated by one of his patients from the car crash, and elderly retired doctor who tries to refuse treatment so that he can die quickly instead of slowly from the advanced cancer that he has. Carlos tries to treat a bitchy woman who seems fine, but then later dies from a head wound. Jimmy rescues a father who is trapped in a car about to explode. Alex, helping out as both a paramedic and a firefighter, is hit by a driver speeding by the accident site, but is okay after surgery. Sully gets more and more uncomfortable with the surveillance of his wife. Tatiana goes to Chevchenko and asks him if her son can return to New York. Chevchenko says that her son has nothing to fear from him, but then secretly orders Sergei's death.

#5 Judgement Day: Aired Monday, October 28, 2002

Fred comes home from the hospital and spends time reading the bible. Faith and her sullen daughter Emily have it out and have a screaming fight. Doc and Carlos bust a guy who's trying to fake an injury in a car accident. Bosco finds himself particularly attractive to women when he goes on patrol without Faith, who's taking the day off to take care of Fred. Chief Hancock insists that Ty become his new driver, even though Ty says he really doesn't want to. Sully decides he wants to try to make his marriage work and tells Madjanski that he's done with surveillance of Tatiana. Sergei returns to New York and is immediately shot to death when he arrives at Grand Central Station. Tatiana, in her grief, agrees to talk to Madjanski about Chevchenko and her son, but storms out of the police station when Madjanski lets it slip that her own husband was spying on her. Tatiana goes after Chevchenko herself, and is shot for her trouble. Sully, after fighting with Madjanski, returns home to find his apartment on fire and his wife dead.

Fred reads the bible to his children and reminds Emily that she shouldn't be so tough on her mother, because Faith works hard to make enough money to give them the luxuries at home that they enjoy. Sully is frustrated that Madjanski has been after Chevchenko for almost three years and still doesn't seem close to getting him. Chevchenko kills his own second-hand man and leaves the body with the gun that killed Tatiana. When Chevchenko calls Sully to offer him his condolences, Ty and Sully come up with idea of sending Sully in wired to talk to Chevchenko. Sully executes the plan with Madjanski, but Chevchenko isn't surprised and instead of admitting to being a murderer, he pretends the meeting is to bribe Sully. Sully yells at Chevchenko to put down the gun, even though Chevchenko isn't holding one. Sully shoots Chevchenko in cold blood and makes it look like self-defense.

#6 Firestarter: Aired Monday, November 11, 2002

Bosco finds himself in the middle of a raging fire after going late-night grocery shopping with his mother in Brooklyn. After successfully saving a number of other shoppers (except for one young mother), Bosco becomes obsessed with finding the arsonist, and begs Sergeant Cruz for the assignment. He and Faith go after the arsonist, but are horrified when it turns out that their quarry is the Fire Chief's son. With help from Faith and her mother's point of view, Bosco learns why his mother is mad at him for trying to be a hero. Doc finds himself attracted to one of the women from the fire, and is pleased when she returns the sentiment even though she has a boyfriend. Sully is a mess, sleeping on Ty's couch and drinking too much. Ty hates his new assignment as Hancock's driver, and his fellow cops start alternately sucking up to him and making fun of him.

#7 Ladies' Day: Aired Monday, November 18, 2002

While Bosco is stuck re-typing his arson report, Faith drags Emily out shopping with her. When they stop to cash a check at the bank, they are caught in the middle of a bank robbery. Faith tries to lay low, hoping no one will get hurt, but she does make a discrete call to 911 on her cell phone. Sergeant Cruz shows up on the scene, as does Bosco when they ID the cell phone that the call came from. As the robbers try to leave the bank, they are ambushed by the cops. They retreat back into the bank, one of them fatally shot. Faith is horrified when she realizes that one of her fellow hostages, a bank teller, is actually the robber's girlfriend, and gives away that Faith is a cop. Faith convinces the robber to let paramedics in to help an old woman who has passed out. Bosco, masquerading as a paramedic, comes in with Doc, and Faith and Bosco together manage to overpower the robber and his girlfriend. Faith shoots the robber before he can shoot her. Emily gains some respect for what her mother does every day, and is amazed that her mother actually stepped in front of a gun for her.

#8 Crime and Punishment 1: Aired Monday, December 2, 2002

Bosco is back working anti-crime with Sergeant Cruz. A boy named Miguel, that Bosco remembers from another case, witnesses a drug-dealer shooting another man. Miguel refuses to testify, and Bosco thinks they can make the case without him, but the drug-dealer, Vernon, ends up back on the streets and goes after Miguel. Bosco saves Miguel from getting shot, but Miguel breaks his leg running away, and on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, they are blind-sided by an SUV and riddled with bullets. Ty is still stuck driving around Chief Hancock, and they spend most of their day trying to bust on-duty cops who are trying to get a jump on their Christmas shopping. Faith partners up with Sully, but she quickly realizes that her partner is not ready to be back on the job when they deal with a shop-owner and a truck driver who keep fighting over who gets to use the sidewalk. Faith advises Sully to go home, but instead he gets drunk and tries to see his mother at her nursing home. When the nursing home attendant won't let him in, Sully gets violent and Chief Hancock and Ty are called in to control him. Doc is overwhelmed by his energetic and sexual younger girlfriend, Joy.

#9 Crime and Punishment 2: Aired Monday, December 9, 2002

After Miguel is shot and in intensive care, Bosco is ready to charge out and assault Vernon himself, but Cruz convinces him to use the system. Cruz and Bosco go after a drug-dealer who is out on parole to get him to give up the name of the shooter, and Bosco is impressed when Cruz threatens to plant drugs on the guy and arrest him if he doesn't give up the name. Cruz and Bosco track the shooter, LaVonne, to the bus station, where they try to take him alive in order to get him to give up Vernon's name, but end up having to shoot him to save their own lives. Bosco is even more impressed with Cruz when she makes up a dying confession from LaVonne in order to arrest Vernon. Faith worries about Cruz's methods, and when she asks Bosco about LaVonne's dying confession, he lies to her and tells her it really happened. Carlos beats himself up over freezing up after the shooting in the ambulance. He harps on it to Doc until Doc himself admits that even though he recovered quickly, when the shots were fired he was only worrying about his own skin. Sully is suspended after his drunken stupidity at his mother's nursing home. Ty bids farewell to his boss's mistress, Nancy, when she tells him that she's leaving Hancock and moving to Denver. Nancy reminds Ty that he has power over Hancock, and Ty decides to make a deal that he'll keep Hancock's secret about his mistress, as long as Hancock gives Sully his job back and lets Ty out of being his driver. Faith's daughter Emily seems to be recovering well from being held hostage in a bank.

#10 Second Chances: Aired Monday, January 6, 2003

Sully, with help from Ty, moves into a new apartment. Doc trains a rookie paramedic who, while being a good paramedic, has trouble controlling her emotions and accidentally lets a police prisoner escape. Bosco and Faith spend a large part of the day searching for their prisoner that the rookie paramedic let escape. Sully and Ty are witnesses to a terrible accident in which a number of construction workers are injured and killed when their scaffolding collapses. Carlos works with Kim since Alex is back firefighting and Doc is busy with the rookie. When they help a young pretty girl who cut her arm on some broken glass, Carlos puts her arm in a sling and accidentally brushes against her breast. The next thing Carlos knows, he's being arrested for sexual assault when the girl claims that he fondled her in the back of the bus. Faith worries when Emily asks her how many people she's killed in the line of duty, and she considers lying about it, but she ends up being honest with her daughter.

#11 Castles of Sand: Aired Monday, January 13, 2003

Carlos spends the night in jail, and Ty bails him out, but Ty seems to be the only one in his corner. Carlos decides to fight the sexual assault charges, and even gets Ty to take him over to the accusing girl's house to talk to to her, but he eventually gives up. Carlos realizes that he'll probably lose the case, especially when he finds out that no one in his fire house believes him innocent, and he could have this on his permanent record and perhaps lose the right to visit his own daughter. Carlos decides to quit the FDNY and hope that the girl's parents will then drop the charges. Jimmy gets dumped by his latest "tart du jour" and finds himself the poster boy for an impotency cream. Jimmy is at first irate, but later impressed with how much the company paid for his image. Faith and Bosco break up a lesbian domestic dispute, and it turns out that the woman being beaten is an old college friend's of Faith. Running into Faith again finally convinces the woman, Claire, to leave her wife and start over. Sully and Ty each accuse the other of changing. Sully doesn't like the way Ty has started to flaunt authority since his experience with Hancock, and Ty doesn't like that Sully is rude and drinks all the time. Doc is concerned that Joy is so much younger than him. Faith and Fred are doing well. Bosco ends up sleeping with the cute robbery victim, Tori, but is confused when she feels guilty about it later.

#12 Snow Blind: Aired Monday, January 27, 2003

A snowstorm during a cold snap brings all the city employees on duty early, and the paramedics find themselves dealing with accidents from space heater and frozen limbs. Emily Yokas goes out with an older boy and is convinced to try the drug Special K. When the older boy is brought into the hospital after overdosing, Faith goes out hunting for her daughter, and finally finds her with help from her fellow cops and paramedics. Faith and Fred hold a vigil by their unconscious daughter's hospital bed. Bosco is still with Tori. Sully tries to defend his recent behavior to Ty and tries to convince Ty not to worry about him. Doc decides to put Carlos on active duty because he's low on paramedics, but he puts his own career on the line in the process.

#13 Collateral Damage, Part I: Aired Monday, February 3, 2003

As Faith stands vigil at her unconscious daughter's bed, she remembers her own teen years, and her mother busting her drunk. She also remember when Emily was a little girl, and how Fred would sometimes come home drunk. Faith's mother comes to see Emily in the hospital, and Faith lashes out at her for her own upbringing. Emily finally wakes up, and is greeted by her mother with tears of happiness. Faith is angry to hear that Emily's friend, Eric, isn't being charged with anything. Kim is hesitant to go downtown to give her official statement about Carlos because she thinks that Doc wants her to lie, and she lashes out at Doc when he asks her about it. Doc encourages her to tell the truth, but reminds her to include some other truths that help Carlos's case. Sergeant Cruz's sister, Lettie, is brought into the emergency room having overdosed on methamphetamines. An enraged Cruz, with Bosco in tow, goes out drug-dealer hunting, and slowly works her way up the food chain until she finds a drug-den apartment rented in Lettie's. Lettie leads her sister to the man who really rents the apartment, Gary Barnes, who has a house in the suburbs. Cruz and Bosco call for backup, but Lettie makes a run for the house for drugs and Cruz and Bosco chase her inside. In the ensuing fight with Barnes, a gun is fired, and the whole house explodes into flames due to the drugs being cooked there.

#14 Collateral Damage, Part II: Aired Monday, February 10, 2003

Firemen report to the burning house, as Bosco and Cruz fight their way down to the basement with a random pregnant woman named Linda and Cruz's sister Lettie in tow. The firemen drag everyone out through a basement window, but Lettie has already died. At the hospital, Linda decides to name her baby after Bosco and tells him where to find Gary Barnes. Bosco tries to comfort Cruz as she deals with the loss of her sister. They end up having rather violent sex back at Cruz's apartment. While taking Emily home and dealing with the repercussions of her daughter's overdose, Faith remembers joining the police academy and first meeting Bosco. Faith admits to her husband that she joined the police academy so that she could leave him when he was drinking a lot. Faith feels like she hasn't been a good mother since she's been working. Kim finally gives a formal statement regarding Carlos and surprises herself with how supportive she sounds of her colleague.

#15 10-13: Aired Monday, February 24, 2003

A series of 10-13s (officer in need of assistance) are called in anonymously while robberies take place elsewhere in the 55th Precinct. Faith and Cruz butt heads while Bosco keeps lying to Faith about dying declarations and his relationship with Cruz. Cruz hunts down the robbers and tries to take one down on her own, and almost gets killed doing so. Even after Faith saves Cruz's life, Cruz simply tells Faith that Bosco was the witness to the dying declaration, so if Faith tries to do anything she'll just be hurting Bosco. Faith is pissed when she realizes Bosco has been lying to her about everything. Cruz continues to mess around with Bosco, but treats him like crap, driving him crazy. Doc meets Joy's dad, and realizes that they're the same age. While they bond over their love for funk music, Joy's dad tells Doc to stop messing around with girls half his age, and gets Doc thinking about the inappropriateness of his relationship. Sully gets mugged while he's drunk and doesn't remember how he got the bruises on his body. Ty is ready to give up on trying to be Sully's friend, but Sully finally turns to him for help.

#16 Letting Go: Aired Monday, March 17, 2003

Sully is back on duty with Ty, and although he's suffering, he's trying to stay sober. A father and his baby girl are in a horrible car crash, and after police find out that the father has been reported for kidnapping, the baby's mother absconds from the hospital with her child. It turns out that the mother is schizophrenic and off her meds, and the baby has overdosed on acetominophen, and Ty finds himself talking the mother down from the edge of a building with her baby. Although Ty saves both mother and child, he loses his footing and is only saved by a quick grab from Sully. Sully hangs onto Ty long enough for firefighters to blow up an airbag, and then he loses his grib, but Ty has a safe landing. Sully drinks while in uniform to take the edge off dropping his partner off a building. Ty decides it's time to report Sully for drinking on the job. Bosco tries to talk to Faith about all the lies, but just ends up airing some of Faith's secrets that Emily might have overheard. Faith bribes Emily to go to a drug counselor, and is pleasantly surprised when Emily enjoys it and wants to go back. Faith is a little upset when Emily says it's nice to finally be able to talk to someone she can trust. Doc argues that Carlos shouldn't be suspended when they're short on paramedics, and Carlos happily resumes active duty, but after one day he finds out that he's being fired anyway as part of the legal settlement between the department and the family of the girl who accused Carlos of molesting her.

#17 Last Call: Aired Monday, March 31, 2003

A thoroughly drunken Sully, who has decided to clean his gun in the middle of the night, is kidnapped by Ty, Bosco, and some knowledgebale union guys, and taken to a remote mountain cabin to dry out. Deranged and desperate for a drink, Sully spews out anger, lies and hurtful truths in all directions, going so far as to tell Ty that the bullet that killed his father was being shot at Sully. Sully finally turns a corner when Ty still refuses to turn his back on his partner.

#18 Everybody Lies: Aired Monday, April 7, 2003

When an armored truck is overturned, the cops have to fight off a crowd of people scrabbling for cash on the street. Bosco decides to chase a suspect instead of grabbing up the big bag of money he dropped, and Bosco and Faith end up losing the collar to Cruz and losing the money to someone in the neighborhood. Faith is disgusted with Bosco when he wants to lie about seeing the money in the first place. Bosco and Faith decide maybe they shouldn't be partners anymore. The investigating detective on the armored car case, Valenzuela, shares a history with Cruz, and Cruz promises Bosco she'll put in a good word to get him off the hook for the missing money. Faith and Bosco end up busting the case and figuring out that it was a setup by the driver of the armored car. A famous journalist, Aaron Noble, is stabbed while researching a new book, and is charmed by his paramedic, Kim, who he asks out on a date. Kim and Doc answer a call and find themselves caring for the girl, Nicole, who accused Carlos of touching her. She has attempted suicide, and tells Kim that her step-father is the one who has been touching her. While the girl's mother wants to ignore it, Kim implores her to listen to her daughter crying out for help, and finally Nicole says that Carlos didn't do anything improper.

#19 In Confidence: Aired Monday, April 14, 2003

Faith, after asking for a new partner at work, comes home to find out that Emily has been hanging out with Eric, the guy who gave her the drugs that put her in the hospital. Faith confronts Eric's mother, who is under the impression that Emily bought the drugs with Eric, and asks the woman to keep her son away from Emily. A furious Emily confronts her mother about the abortion that Bosco mentioned. After spending the night with Aaron Noble, Kim is pleased when he asks her to a formal dinner the following evening. Noble gets arrested by Cruz and Bosco when he buys drugs as part of his research, and to gain his own freedom, he helps them take down a dealer. Unfortunately, Noble still isn't out of jail in time to meet Kim, who has spent all day during her shift with Carlos preparing for her date, and then ends up being stood up. Bosco realizes the Cruz stole one of Noble's research notebooks because it had information in it about her.

#20 Closing In: Aired Monday, April 21, 2003

Noble apologizes to Kim and convinces to give him another chance and have dinner with him. Bosco and Cruz, tailing a smalltime dealer in the hopes of finding a bigtimer named Buford, find their mark murdered by Noble. Against Bosco's judgment, Cruz agrees to lie for Noble if he helps them find Buford. Faith has a new partner, a very level-headed woman named Sasha Monroe. Faith takes Sasha's advice and stays out of Bosco's business even when Bosco comes to her for help. With help from Fred and advice from Sasha, Faith tries to mend her relationship with her daughter. Bosco snoops in the notebook Cruz stole from Noble and finds out that Cruz is called Two-Bags Cruz on the street, because she sometimes deals to skels to get them under her thumb. Noble has another wonderful overnight date with Kim, but starts going through some real withdrawal while he keeps his nose clean. Cruz and Bosco, starting to be on the outs with each other, bust into where Noble says Buford is headquartered.

#21 The Price of Nobility: Aired Monday, April 28, 2003

In a car with some strange jet-engine attachment, Buford busts out of a nearby garage as Bosco and Cruz bust into his house. A car chase ensues which ends with a huge car accident and Buford getting away. The paramedics show up, Taylor reluctantly included, but the jet-engine attachment explodes, and not only kills Taylor, but rips her in half. Lt. Johnson also suffers some serious burns. In the wake of the disaster, Doc decides to take a promotion that he annually turns down. Kim and Ty bring Alex's mother to the hospital. Bosco realizes that Cruz is no good and is making him do all of her lying for him. Bosco begs Faith to help him out by getting Noble's gun while he makes sure that Noble is not in his hotel room. Cruz figures out what's going on, and confronts Faith in Noble's hotel room. In a tense situation, Faith, Bosco and Cruz all have guns pulled, and three shots are fired.

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