1st Season

#1 Welcome to Camelot
#2 Anywhere but Here
#3 Patterns
#4 Hell is What You Make Of It
#5 Responsible Parties
#6 Sunny, Like Sunshine
#7 Impulse
#8 History of the World
#9 Modern Designs for Better Living
#10 Demolition Derby
#11 Alone in a Crowd
#12 Journey to the Himalayas
#13 This Band of Brothers
#14 32 Bullets a Broken Heart
#15 Officer Involved
#16 Nature or Nurture?
#17 Ohio
#18 Men
#19 Spring Forward Fall Back
#20 A Thousand Points of Light
#21 Just Another Night at the Opera
#22 Young Men and Fire...

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Executive producers Christopher Chulack, John Wells

Music by Martin Davich, Co-producer Michael Hissrich, Producer Edward Allen Bernero, Producer Kristin Harms, Consulting producer Lance Gentile, Supervising producer John Ridley, Producer Kristin Harms, Produced by Brooke Kennedy

#1 Welcome to Camelot: Aired Thursday, September 23, 1999

Sullivan gets a new partner, Davis, the son of his dead former partner. Kim and Bobby share their dating woes. Bosco is in a bad mood. Jerry is shot in a freak encounter, and Nieto learns the difference between a stranger dying and a friend dying.

#2 Anywhere but Here: Aired Sunday, September 26, 1999

The staff deals with the shooting of medic Jerry Mankowicz. Kim and Bobby start getting on each other's nerves.

#3 Patterns: Aired Sunday, October 3, 1999

The "feud" between Doherty and Bosco escalates. Doc and Nieto seek the owner of an expensive watch. Zambrano agrees to date Doherty.

#4 Hell is What You Make Of It: Aired Sunday, October 10, 1999

Davis thinks he's going to have a good day, but after finding a decomposed body and a seven-year-old rape victim, he isn't even sure he can do his job. A teen prostitute named Sunny lets Kim think she's helping, but actually steals her wallet. Bobby anonymously comes to Kim's rescue, and Kim is curious about Bobby's love life. Bosco and Doherty start a feud, and Bosco deals with his homophobia. Nieto has trouble dealing with the way Doc runs his bus.

#5 Responsible Parties: Aired Sunday, October 30, 1999

Faith is disgusted when she sees gangs using kids to kill kids, and she surprises Bosco by leaving the man responsible in his rival gang's turf to be tortured and killed. An attractive new female doctor starts working at the hospital and isn't very nice to the paramedics and cops. Jimmy learns and important lesson about being a father from Bobby. Carlos is impressed when Doc diagnoses an anorexic girl who is trying to refuse treatment after collapsing. Doc is sad to find out that his old partner Jerry, recovering from a gunshot in the hospital, has decided not to return to work as a paramedic. Sully and Ty are amused by a purse-snatcher who is desperate to stay in custody after stealing a purse from a mob boss's mother. Sully saves Ty's life by being observant and hesistant during a seemingly normal traffic stop that turns ugly. Ty invites Sully to his mother's birthday party, but Sully begs off, lying that he has a date.

#6 Sunny, Like Sunshine: Aired Sunday, November 7, 1999

Doherty risks his life to save a fellow firefighter. Bobby finally tries to kiss Kim, and she pulls away, and later tells him that she's attracted to him, but thinks that she's not good enough for him. Sunny dies after asking Kim if she can crash at her place. Sully and Davis save a girl being held by a stalker, but unsuccessfully solve a domestic dispute. Carlos and Doc come to blows. Yokas is worried about remembering the dead.

#7 Impulse: Aired Sunday, November 14, 1999

Bosco scours the city in search of a young man who's suspected of locking his girlfriend in the trunk of a car and setting it on fire, and loses it when he finally finds him. Carlos accidentally hits a pregnant woman with his rig and causes her to give birth to a stillborn baby. Davis is worried that Sully is dating his mom. Bobby welcomes his brother home from jail, and lets him stay with him because their mother won't. Jimmy teaches himself a lesson about fatherhood when he rescues a ten-year-old boy from a tree.

#8 History of the World: Aired Sunday, November 21, 1999

It's Thanksgiving. Bosco is taken hostage at family Thanksgiving in a restaurant when one of the songs can't take his family putting him down anymore. Doc is having trouble starting the dating game again. Carlos tries to make one old woman's Thanksgiving a little bit better when she tells him that her family just lives over in New Jersey, but never comes to visit. Yokas has to deal with her drunk husband hating her rich brother, and her rich brother looking down on her and her family. Kim tries to get Jimmy to spend time with his son on Thanksgiving, while Bobby tries to get his mother and brother back together. Sully tells a white lie to put a bad guy behind bars, but Ty won't back him up.

#9 Modern Designs for Better Living: Aired Sunday, November 28, 1999

Doc's father is admitted to the hospital after an accidental drug overdose that turns out to be a suicide attempt. Jimmy cuts open the wall of an apartment to crane a dramtically overweight woman down to the ground level so that she can be taken to the hospital. Bobby is worried that his recently-released-from-jail brother has fallen back into a life of crime. Davis, who performs well during his first raid on a bookie, screws up by arranging for a certain street kid not be there and therefore putting the kid's life in danger. Yokas and Bosco watch a bum light a doorman on fire.

#10 Demolition Derby: Aired Monday, January 10, 2000

Yokas is having trouble with her husband. Kim is concerned because her son thinks she is going to hell because she is divorced. Doc is having trouble moving on and getting over his dead wife. The team has to rescue many men trapped in an unstable building that is about to collapse and is also full of explosives. Bosco battles it out with a reporter. Doc massages a survivor's heart as Carlos rushes them to the hospital. Kim, Doherty and Bobby encounter a man and his brother in law, both trapped. One is very calm and helpful, the other desperate and pleading. They think they will only be able to save the calm one, but it turns out that he is the one who doesn't survive.

#11 Alone in a Crowd: Aired Monday, January 17, 2000

Sully and Davis get called to a suicide which turns out be one of Sully's old partners. A woman unecessarily dies a horrible death jumping from a window at a fire because a car is parked blocking the fire-house driveway. Doherty ends up in an altercation with the owner of the car and gets a bat to the ribs and a friend in the hospital for his trouble. Bobby tries to bring his mother and his brother back together. Bosco is being run ragged by his new girlfriend and tries to buy a nice car off a bum. Carlos and Doc deal with a Chinese family that doesn't trust American medicine and their daughter who has meningitis.

#12 Journey to the Himalayas: Aired Monday, January 24, 2000

Yokas tries to defend a mentally challenged man who is being charged with rape for being in love with his much younger mentally challenged girlfriend. Doc is worried about his father taking care of himself, but Doc's dad is more worried about Doc getting on with his life after his wife's death. Bobby's brother is trying to apologize to everyone he harmed while he was using, but he just ends up pissing people off, and goes back to his illegal ways trying to rob a liquor store. Doherty's gambling debts are catching up with him, and Kim is sick of bugging him for child support. Davis ends up walking the beat with an older cop known as the Candyman who used to know his dad. When the Candyman takes a pay-off from a drug dealer, he tries to share it with Davis, and when Davis refuses the Candyman says he's surprised that he's his father's son. Sully angrily arrests a hit-and-run driver who mowed down three young children, but ends up defending the man when he explains that he was scared to get out of his car at the scene because he was a black man who had just hit three white kids.

#13 This Band of Brothers: Aired Monday, February 7, 2000

A gun battle erupts on the streets as Yokas and Bosco pursue a trio of thieves. Bosco lets an injured gunman die when he could have been saved. Davis asks his mother if his father was a dirty cop and gets an unsatisfactory answer. After the Candyman saves Davis's life during the shootout, Davis donates the bribe money he got from the Candyman last episode to the Candyman's wife. Carlos is upset that Doc is dating the cute doctor. Bobby tries to get his brother to turn himself in, but ends up helping him run. Kim gives Bobby a little more than comfort.

#14 32 Bullets and a Broken Heart: Aired Monday, February 14, 2000

A gunman is attacking various gay events on Valentine's Day, and the gay community feels that the police aren't helping. Yokas gets tired of Bosco's bigotry. When Yokas's husband is picked up driving drunk on his way to pick up their kids from school, she arrests him. When he gets a friend to bail him out, she kicks him out of the house. Kim, having slept with Bobby, starts freaking out when Bobby starts making plans for their future. She turns to Jimmy for advice, and once he gets over his jealousy, he advises her to tell Bobby the truth. She tells Bobby she thinks sleeping together was a mistake, and he goes off to get drunk, ending up in a one-night stand with a stranger. Davis arrests Malcolm's sister, and brings Malcolm to his mother's to stay for a day or two. When he can't find Malcoolm's one relative in Pittsburg, he amends the arrest report so that Malcolm's sister can be freed so she can take care of him. Doc clears his relationship with Morales with Carlos. Carlos starts an affair with a pretty blonde victim who thinks he's her angel after she walks in front of a bus.

#15 Officer Involved: Aired Monday, February 21, 2000

Davis shoots a man that appears to be about to shoot Sully, and then feels incredibly guilty when it turns out the man was innocently helping Sully out. Bosco, by telling Yokas about his own parents' surprise divorce, convinces her to give her marriage another try with help from AA and counseling. Kim tries to convince herself that she's not jealous that Bobby is dating someone else, and meeting Jimmy's new love interest doesn't help. Carlos's new girlfriend is following him around town by using a police scanner. The team rescues a boy and his dog who are trapped between two cement walls, and arrest a man who has a huge amount of marijuana in the process.

#16 Nature or Nurture?: Aired Monday, February 28, 2000

When Doc and Carlos come to help a gang member who has been shot, the guy's 11-year-old brother pulls a gun on them. Carlos wants to get the boy arrested, whereas Doc just wants to take him to see his brother in the hospital and try to convince him not to be in a gang himself. When Carlos goes to a police line-up, Doc's influence goes to work and he doesn't identify the boy even though he's there. Later that day, when the young boy has died in another gang shoot-out, Carlos regrets his decision. Bosco robs two guys that try to mug him on his way to work, but then freaks out when they report his crime to his own precinct. When her son, Joey, starts acting up in school, Kim wonders if she's a good parent. Jimmy goes begging for money to pay off his gambling debts, and finally the two thugs his bookie sends after him take his car.

#17 Ohio: Aired Monday, March 20, 2000

While standing guard at a political debate between New York senatorial candidates Hillary Clinton and Ruldoph Giuliani, the cops stuck in the kitchen argue over work and politics, and Sully works his charm on the head cook to get a free dinner. The paramedics stuck in the garage of the building talk about past calls and God. Kim, finding herself once again cleaning up after Jimmy, threatens to keep him away from his son, but realizes that she can't do that Joey.

#18 Men: Aired Monday, April 10, 2000

Doherty pushes the envelope to keep a worker trapped within the blades of an industrial mixer from having his leg amputated. Doc takes extreme measures to keep his father alive despite the old man's wishes, and Dr. Morales does her best to support him in his time of need. Davis is suspicious of Candyman after a perp accuses the veteran cop of stealing his cash, and all of Davis's co-workers advise him to let the matter drop. Yokas finds herself missing romance in her marriage, and almost goes out for a drink with an old flame from high school, but backs out at the last minute and goes home to her husband. The fire-house plays the cops in an annual game of basketball.

#19 Spring Forward Fall Back: Aired Monday, April 17, 2000

Doc and Dr. Morales decide to move in together. Yokas and Bosco deal with a handicapped drug-dealer who deals to teens. The whole police department searches for a two-year-old who wandered away from a car accident, and Davis finally finds her. Sully hunts for the homeless man who assaulted his parish priest. Carlos is cold-hearted when his girlfriend tells him she's pregnant, and just wants to concentrate on getting his grades up in school so he can get into medical school. The missing two-year-old brings Kim's fears for her own child to the surface.

#20 A Thousand Points of Light: Aired Monday, April 24, 2000

Bosco takes personal responsibility for two parentally abused brothers who, it turns out, left their mother to burn in a motel fire. Carlos encourages his girlfriend to get an abortion, and she makes an attention-getting attempt at suicide and calls 911. Doc and Morales realize that they're never going to find an apartment larger or cheaper than his father's, so they decide to move into it together. When a watch is missing from a burn victim, Bobby suggests to Kim that Jimmy might have taken it, but then Bobby finds it tangled in the gears of the gurney from their truck. Davis sets Sully up on a disastrous date. Davis keeps Malcolm from killing in retribution for a beating his sister took. Bosco brings Nicole to his mother wild 50th birthday party.

#21 Just Another Night at the Opera: Aired Monday, May 15, 2000

Yokas is upset when a carjacker she is chasing, after her sergeant has told her to call of the chase, launches out of the third story of a parking garage and is almost consumed in a fireball. Sully is horrified when he finds out a friend has a mail-order bride. After Sully and Davis screw up an IAB bust on the Candyman, Davis tells Candyman that he's keeping an eye on him. Kim is upset when Doherty tells her he's getting married. He says he won't marry Brooke if he still has a chance with Kim. Bobby hears from an old friend that his brother Matt was pan handling in Grand Central. Doc tries to get to know all the facets of Dr. Morales. Nieto is upset when his pregnant girlfriend complains to his boss, but when she tells him he doesn't have to worry about "it" anymore he suddenly grows nostalgic for the child he never had. Bosco tells his girlfriend, Nicole, that he wants to meet her parents, so she takes him to the opera with them.

#22 Young Men and Fire...: Aired Monday, May 22, 2000

Doherty saves the lives of Doc and Carlos when they are trapped in a burning building, only to fight for his life hours later after being shot by an insane ex-fireman who then commits suicide. Kim is torn emotionally after sleeping with Jimmy after he announces that he's engaged to Brooke. With Jimmy in the hospital, Kim stays by his side until Brooke shows up to take her place. It is Davis's one-year anniversary on the job, and he asks Fordham Law if he can defer one more year and they say no, but he can reapply. Sully gives Davis his father's old pin to commemorate the anniversary. Yokas finds out that she's pregnant and isn't sure what do about it. Doc and Morales start their lives together in Doc's parents' old apartment.

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