3rd Season

In Their Own Words
#1 September Tenth
#2 After Time
#3 The Relay
#4 Adam 55-3
#5 He Said/She Said
#6 Childhood Memories
#7 Act Brave
#8 Sex, Lies & Videotape
#9 Transformed
#10 Old Dogs, New Tricks
#11 The Long Guns
#12 Cold Front
#13 Superheroes, Part I
#14 Superheroes, Part II
#15 Thicker Than Water
#16 Falling
#17 The Unforgiven
#18 The Greater Good
#19 Unleashed
#20 Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days
#21 Blackout

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In Their Own Words: Aired Monday, October 15, 2001

Interviews with real-life New York City police, firefighters and paramedics in New York City in the wake of the terrorist attacks on America on September 11, 2001.

#1 September Tenth: Aired Monday, October 22, 2001

During the night of September 10th and the early morning of September 11th, all is calm in New York City. Davis and Sully are in Atlantic City because Sully is marrying Tatiana on September 11th, and Davis insists on taking Sully out to a strip club. Faith and her husband go to her doctor to hear the mixed results of her biopsy and her doctor recommends that they remove the lump from her breast to get a better idea of what they're dealing with. Fred Yokas is scared and his fear makes him unsupportive of Faith. The firefighters have a long night of false alarms, which Jimmy takes particularly hard because he was up all night the night before with his sick son. Kim is still hiding out in her apartment ignoring the phone. Bosco spends the night with a random girl he picked up at a bar. Doc is daunted by his renovation project. When disaster strikes, even though they're not on duty, everyone immediately drops what they're doing to go help.

#2 After Time: Aired Monday, October 29, 2001

All the firefighters, paramedics and police are a little weirded out by the way the city is acting towards them, calling them heros, giving them things for free, and bringing candles to them. Doc's neighbors offer to help him work on his house, but he turns them down. Alex is running herself into the ground working her regular shifts and still going down to "the pile" to sift through wreckage every night. Her father, a fire chief in a different house, is still missing. Faith is grateful that Fred is picking up her slack around the house since she's been working sixteen-hour shifts and hasn't had a day off in over a week. Sully, whose wedding was postponed due to the disaster, plans a last-minute wedding at City Hall so that he can get Tatiana's visiting family out of his apartment. Jimmy thinks about what would happen to Joey if he died and considers suing Kim for full custody. Kim comes back to work as a paramedic and Doc wants her to work with him, so Carlos ends up paired with Alex who is brought back to paramedic duty for her own safety. The paramedics deliver a baby from a woman who was in a car accident on her way to the hospital. Just as the firehouse is starting to try to get things back to normal, they find out one of their missing has been found and go down to collect his body.

#3 The Relay: Aired Monday, November 12, 2001

Faith, with Bosco, tries to talk down a jumper, but instead are just witnesses to the woman jumping. The woman, with serious brain injuries, is brought to the hospital with a heartbeat but no brain activity, and her husband consents to making her an organ doner. Doc and Kim rush the heart to a nearby hospital while Alex and Carlos go to pick up the eight-year-old recipient and bring her to the same hospital. Doc and Kim hi-jacked by junkies and the cops end up having to hunt down the missing heart. Faith, Bosco, Sully, and Ty end up rushing the heart to the hospital just in time for a successful transplant. With her upcoming surgery, Faith considers mortality and organ donation. Bosco notices Faith's strange mood, but doesn't know what it's from. Jimmy tells Kim he wants to sue for full custody. Kim keeps insisting to everyone that her overdose was an accident.

#4 Adam 55-3: Aired Monday, November 19, 2001

Faith goes in for her surgery. Fred is still so scared he's having trouble giving her the support she needs. Her surgery is a success, and they "get it all," but they also take some lymph nodes for testing. Kim consults a lawyer in order to protect herself from Jimmy taking Joey away. She is surprised when her laywer says that she'd actually be better off admitting she attempted suicide. She still insists that she didn't. Kim and Doc have a long day treating many people with serious injuries. The whole house agrees that they should nominate Doc as the best paramedic in the city. Doc wonders what he's doing with his life, why he's still single and almost forty, and what ever happened to his dreams. Kim is just impressed by Doc's skill as a paramedic and faith in the human spirit. After treating a woman who attempted suicide by slitting her wrists in the bathtub, Kim finally admits that she did attempt suicide, and promises Doc that she's not going to try it again.

#5 He Said/She Said: Aired Monday, November 26, 2001

Carlos decides to look for a roommate, and Ty takes him up on the offer, but Carlos goes running in the other direction when a mischevious Sergeant Christopher implies that Ty Davis might be gay. While patrolling in a neighborhood known for prostitution, Faith and Bosco pull over a man driving while getting oral sex. The two cops joke around with the man and advise him and the apparent prostitute he's with to get a room. Later, the two cops are called to an apartment and find the girl from the car is crying rape. A horrified Faith becomes convinced that they misread the original situation, while Bosco, deep in denial, insists that their instincts were correct and the girl is lying. Meanwhile, the mother of the rape victim files a complaint against the way Bosco treated her daughter, possibly dashing his hopes of ever getting into ESU. Faith, on the stand at the preliminary hearing, has to support her partner while still supporting the claim of rape, and so incriminates herself as the one that misread the situation and made the young girl so uncomfortable that she couldn't ask the cops for help. Bosco, fully convinced now that the rape claim is true, is devastated. The accused rapist is later found shot in his car.

#6 Childhood Memories: Aired Monday, December 3, 2001

Bosco, still smarting from his mistakes, explores his familial past, first tying one on with his alcoholic mom and then calling in sick to work and hunting down his drug-addled brother and estranged, abusive father. Meanwhile, Bosco is the prime suspect in Alan Johnson's murder, and Molly ropes Sully and Ty into helping her clear his name. They spend their shift hunting down various prostitutes until they finally find one who admits she saw an older black woman with long dreads committ the murder. Molly tries to help Mrs. Golden out while still clearing Bosco's name by getting the woman to confess without Mirandaizing her. Kim decides she wants her son back, and when Jimmy refuses to honor their custody agreement she takes Joey anyway. Joey is horrified when he witnesses the ensuing doorway fight between Kim and Jimmy. Carlos finds the perfect two-bedroom apartment and asks Ty to live with him even though he still thinks Ty is gay.

#7 Act Brave: Aired Monday, December 10, 2001

Ty, with his own experience, counsels Alex on the loss of her father while Alex helps him and Carlos move into their new apartment. Alex ends up taking solace in Ty's bed as well. Sully is shocked when Tatiana takes his mother out of the nursing home without his permission and says that she will take care of her at home. Jimmy and Kim go to war over custody of Joey but try to come together to help Joey celebrate his birthday. Jimmy begins to realize that taking Joey away from Kim might not be the best decision. A stupid Anthrax scare turns into a nightmare when a nearby diner explodes from a gas main leak. Alex defies orders and stays with a scared trapped child even though she has no protection from an impending explosion.

#8 Sex, Lies & Videotape: Aired Monday, January 7, 2002

Carlos finally finds out Ty isn't gay, although Alex manages to keep the secret that she's the one sleeping with Ty. The reality TV series Trauma Response films Doc at work in anticipation of his winning paramedic of the year. Doc and the other paramedics treat an entire family that has been shot, but it turns out that the father of the family may have been the one who shot them. When the father gets away, Ty and Sully get in a car accident chasing him. At the scene of the accident, Doc is caught on tape making a mistake that paralyzes a man. Meanwhile, Faith and Bosco chase the suspect on foot, but Faith's treatment finally catches up with her and she isn't able to back up Bosco at a crucial moment. Bosco is shot, but is saved by his bulletproof vest. Faith finally admits to Bosco that she has cancer.

#9 Transformed: Aired Monday, January 14, 2002

Taylor gets bent out of shape when a new firefighter, Prescott, joins the squad. She tells the boss she's ready to come back, so he says as soon as they can find a replacement medic for her she's back on the squad. Meanwhile, Prescott turns out to be a nice guy and tells Alex how proud of her her father was. Yokas comes back from her "vacation" and promises never to hide anything from Bosco again. Kim and Doc bring a woman to the hospital who dies because she was beaten by her druggie boyfriend, and then they have to save the druggie boyfriend's life when he's arrested by Yokas and Bosco and overdoses. Doc feels guilty over Ryan Buckley, the teenager who Doc believes he paralyzed. He visits Ryan and, as Kim predicts, Ryan wonders why Doc feels so guilty. Doc is pleased to hear Ryan's paralysis might be temporary, and sure enough, Ryan is able to move a finger later that day. Joey breaks his arm falling off the jungle-gym while in Jimmy's care. Kim is at first furious, and considers using it as ammunition in the custody battle, but she finally calms down and realizes that it's normal for boys to break a few bones. Jimmy risks his own life to save a boy Joey's age in a fire and is disappointed when the boy is scared of him later. Jimmy is even more distraught when his own son apologizes to him for crying when he broke his arm. Jimmy finds out he's probably going to win custody of Joey, but is starting to realize that that might not be best for Joey.

#10 Old Dogs, New Tricks: Aired Monday, January 21, 2002

Carlos has a mis-hap trying to slide down the fire pole. Doc opens up about his guilt to the wrong person. Kim and Alex turn out to make good partners. Sully's mother gets burned when Tatiana leaves her alone at home. Bosco busts a drug dealer who turns out to be his own brother.

#11 The Long Guns: Aired Monday, January 28, 2002

Carlos finally finds out that Ty and Alex are sleeping together. Ty considers just being friends with Alex. Bosco continues his crusade to get into ESU and buddies up to Hobart more than ever. Sully tries to warn Bosco that Hobart is a mess and has domestic violence charges against him, but Bosco won't listen. When Hobart goes after his wife again, Ty warns Bosco that Hobart is going to be arrested, and Bosco tries to go get Hobart to turn himself in. Hobart takes Bosco hostage in an attempt to be shot down by his own snipers, and succeeds. A series of robberies by PCP users plagues the precinct. Bosco's mom won't talk to him since he arrested his own brother. Faith considers taking the sergeant test. Doc finds out the tape of his procedure on Ryan Buckley has been subpoenaed.

#12 Cold Front: Aired Monday, February 4, 2002

Sully discovers a woman frozen in ice who is still alive. Under the direction of Doc, firefighters and paramedics work together to get her out without breaking off her frozen extremities. Doc finds out from Carlos what Jerry's up to these days. Doc finds Jerry and begs his old friend to help him out, because being a paramedic is his life and he can't lose his job. Jimmy has custody of Joey, but realizes he can't raise his son by himself and asks Kim for help. Ty starts to realize that he and Alex have very little in common. Faith worries that Bosco hasn't been himself since his experience with Glen Hobart.

#13 Superheroes, Part I: Aired Monday, February 25, 2002

When Yokas recommends that Bosco get psychological counseling, Bosco gets pissed off and requests a new partner. Bosco, who hates his new singing partner, gets called to a drive-by shooting involving the brother of a drug-dealer that Bosco is familiar with. Yokas and her scared rookie partner are called to a domestic disturbance that turns out to be the remnants of a drug-related blood bath. Sully and Davis are called to the hospital when Sully's step-son, Sergei, is beaten to within an inch of his life. Sully gets out out of Sergei that a Russian mob boss named Chevchenko is to blame and Sully drags Davis along on his vendetta. Yokas convinces a scared old man to tell her about how Chevchenko was in charge of the blood bath in the apartment across the hall from him. Davis follows C-Note, the drug-dealer, as he goes to avenge his brother's death. All the cops end up converging on a Russian restaurant and getting stuck in the cross-fire of a war between C-Note's gang and Chevchenko's gang. They all manage to get through the nightmare unharmed except for Davis who is shot. All of the opposing gang members are shot and killed except for Chevchenko himself.

#14 Superheroes, Part II: Aired Monday, March 4, 2002

Ty is shot in the leg, but makes it through surgery okay. Both Ty and his mother are upset with Sully for dragging Ty into the whole thing. Alex and Ty are unsure of how to act around each other in these circumstances. Bosco's one-day partner Ross is shot and killed. Examining the scenario later, Bosco wonders if it was, indeed, the bad guys who shot Ross. Faith's one-day partner Gusler pees himself during the whole shoot-out and later, in a state of shock, quits the force. Faith goes to get her witness so that she can keep Chevchenko locked up, but the old man has already been thrown out a window. Sully blames Sergei for everything, claiming his step-son sent him into a setup, and threatens the boy if Ty dies. Later, Faith and Sully compare notes and realize Sergei might be only the witness against Chevchenko that's left. Sully tries to find his step-son, but Tatiana has already signed him out of the hospital and Sully gets home just in time to find Tatiana leaving with a suitcase. Faith is surprised when she gets a few days off after having shot and killed one of the bad guys because she barely even noticed it. Faith vows to see Chevchenko behind bars permanently. Bosco and Faith make their peace. Doc finds out that, thanks to Jerry, the tape of his recent mishap is gone and attorneys are no longer looking to sue him. Doc tries to thank his friend, but Jerry is still upset with the way Doc treated him before.

#15 Thicker Than Water: Aired Monday, April 1, 2002

On the anniversary of Bobby's death, Kim is going through a hard time. Jimmy is not supportive, but Alex comes to Kim's aid, and even turns down a position offered to her back on the firefighting squad in order to remain Kim's partner. Kim helps a girl who has almost been beaten to death as part of a gang initiation. The cops are interrogated regarding the recent shoot-out, and Bosco tries to cover for Faith, thinking she may have accidentally shot Ross. Faith is horrified to hear that it isn't her they suspect of friendly fire, but her young one-day partner, Gusler. Ryan Buckley's father hunts down Doc to tell him how grateful he is and how he feels like he owes the paramedic something. Carlos finds out that his ex-girlfriend Vangie just died and left behind his baby that he never knew he had. Vangie's sister dumps the baby at the firehouse and Carlos reluctantly brings her home. Sully starts to mend his relationship with Ty and misses Tatiana.

#16 Falling: Aired Monday, April 8, 2002

Faith continues to ride with Gusler, so Bosco rides with Sully while Ty recuperates from his gun shot. Bosco starts having panic attacks, putting himself, his partner, and the public in danger. Sully makes him talk to an old friend who is a tough cop counselor, but Bosco walks out. Finally, Bosco loses it and punches a restrained suspect in front of his lieutenant. Bosco gets suspension and desk-duty. Faith has studied hard for her sergeant's test, but is distracted by everything that's going on with Bosco. When she tells Fred that she thinks she might have failed, Fred gets angry that Bosco is, once again, dragging his wife down. Carlos talks to an adoption agency about getting his baby, Kylie, adopted, but is reluctant to actually go through with it. He hires a 17-year-old incompetent nanny to take care of Kylie while he's at work, but a recuperating Ty ends up taking over. Ty notices that Kylie has a fever and a purple rash and takes her to hospital. Ty keeps her alive on the way to the hospital with mouth-to-mouth. Carlos reports that the doctor thinks Kylie might have bacterial meningitis.

#17 The Unforgiven: Aired Monday, April 15, 2002

Sully begins to lose his faith in God when he and Yokas discover a little girl left dead in a cardboard box on the sidewalk. Sully consults a priest he knows and recounts the story of how the janitor at the priest's church saved a girl from a fire, but was then tracked down by a bounty hunter due to his heroic act being covered on the news. It turns out the man was wanted for murder in California, and while trying to arrest him and protect him from the bounty hunter, Sully ended up shooting him. Sully wonders why, when he tried to do something good, it came out so wrong, and why a man who made a mistake twenty years ago and repented for his wrong doing should deserve to have everything taken away from him. Sully stops by Ty's apartment to tell him that he loves him, and again apologize for getting him shot. Sully finally tells Ty that Tatiana left him.

#18 The Greater Good: Aired Monday, April 22, 2002

Kim and Alex get on a doctor's bad side when he thinks they're trying to act like doctors, but when they make a correct diagnosis of a rare disease, he can't help but respect their skill. Faith and Sully decide to give the Russian mob a hard time by busting up their fake ID shop and betting parlor. A Russian lawyer makes a strange offer to Sully to help him find his wife if he'll stop harassing them. Fred Yokas is still upset with Faith for not putting her family first. Bosco is cleared for active duty again and Faith says she'll definitely partner up with him again. Carlos comes up with every excuse in the book why he shouldn't give up Kylie for adoption, but in the end he has to admit that a kind family in Brooklyn can give her a better life than he can.

#19 Unleashed: Aired Monday, April 29, 2002

The search continues for Dr. Susan Lewis's neice, Suzy, after her mother, Chloe, is found in a known crackden. Chloe's husband finally turns up, but he tells the police he's leaving his drug-addicted wife for another woman and doesn't know where Suzy is. Bosco and Faith, using some street kids near the crackden for information, realize Suzy was taken by a neighborwood watch guy, and track her to his apartment. They save Suzy just before she becomes another little girl dressed up and left in a cardboard box on the sidewalk. Dr. Lewis tries to get her sister to go to rehab, but instead Chloe takes off with Suzy. Sully is surprised when Tatiana returns as if nothing happened and makes him eggs for breakfast. Jimmy starts getting into being a father. Jimmy and D.K. perform a rescue in which D.K. is Jimmy's anchor on a roof, and Jimmy saves a woman who is about to jump out her window to get away from a fire.

#20 Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days: Aired Monday, May 6, 2002

Alex's dad's body is found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center, and even though she and her family prayed for this day, they are surprised when they realize that they're not all cried out yet. Alex decides to take Ty up on his offer for a heart-to-heart, but ends up spilling her guts to Carlos instead when Ty isn't home. The firefighters, paramedics, and many of the cops of the 55th precinct attend Alex's father's funeral. Sully finds out that his wife, Tatiana, wasn't in Ithaca with her cousin for the last two months, but was instead waitressing at Chevchenko's strip club in Brooklyn under the name Natasha Gurin. It turns out that Tatiana's name is nowhere in government records, but Natasha Gurin exists. Sully wonders what else he doesn't know about his wife. Faith and Bosco try to tail a rapist that they thought was in jail but got out on an appeal. They can't keep an eye on the rapist at every moment however, and instead end up picking him up after he attempts to rape another old woman.

#21 Blackout: Aired Monday, May 13, 2002

Ty's friend Rick loses his new wife's car to some cute female con-artists, and Ty luckily is able to recover it. During a city-wide blackout on an unusually hot day, Faith and Fred Yokas get trapped in an elevator. They alternately argue and laugh until Fred suddenly collapses clutch his chest. Sully is fearful of the blackout, particularly if it continues on into night time, but Ty thinks it's festive. Ty soon learns his lesson as the city begins to fall apart. A riot starts after a shop-keeper takes a shot-gun to a boy who was trying to steal from his store. Bosco arrests a guy for possession of pot, even though the guy saves the boy with the shot-gun wound. Carlos and Doc are tempted by an offer by a wealthy man with emphysema to stay with him during the blackout because he's scared. Doc is furious with himself for even considering the offer when the paramedics find another man who has already died at home due to lack of power for his life support system. Carlos is embarassed when their ambulance catches fire because he left it running for the air conditioning. Sully and Ty end up on the riot squad.

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