2nd Season

#1 The Lost
#2 Faith
#3 Four Days
#4 Jimmy's Mountain
#5 Kim's Hope Chest
#6 The Tys That Bind
#7 After Hours
#8 Know Thyself
#9 Run of the Mill
#10 History
#11 A Hero's Rest
#12 True Love
#13 Duty
#14 A Rock and a Hard Place
#15 Requiem for a Bantamweight
#16 Unfinished Business
#17 The Self-Importance of Being Carlos
#18 Honor
#19 Walking Wounded
#20 Man Enough
#21 Exposing Faith
#22 ...and Zeus Wept

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#1 The Lost: Aired Monday, October 2, 2000

Sully's worst fears come to the surface when the cops hunt for a kidnapping victim who has been buried alive. Sully's mother wanders away from her nursing home. Bobby gives Kim a hard time for visiting Jimmy in the hospital. Bobby's paternal instincts surface when he finds a lost 4-year-old. Carlos becomes attached to the cockatoo of a dead homeless man even after it attacks him.

#2 Faith: Aired Monday, October 9, 2000

While Faith Yokas tracks a serial rapist, she considers getting an abortion because her family can't afford to have another baby. When the rapist turns on her during a chase and hits her with a pipe, she lies to everyone, including her husband, that she miscarried and she gets the abortion. Bosco gets upset about Nicole's past and how many men she's slept with, and ruins their relationship.

#3 Four Days: Aired Monday, October 16, 2000

In the fallout after a murderous fast-food robbery, Doc carries a huge racial chip on his shoulder when he realizes how the media coverage centers on the white victim rather than the wounded African-Americans. He courts disaster when he openly challenges white cops as they arrest black suspects in the field. He loses friends in the black community and friends in the cop community when he tries to protect a wanted black suspect.

#4 Jimmy's Mountain: Aired Monday, October 23, 2000

Jimmy Doherty remembers his one-chance try-out for the Yankees when he comes back to work early after being shot. He tries valiantly to be the hero fireman he was before his accident, but he pushes himself too hard and lets down his colleagues. He is too aggressive, and literally not physically strong enough yet, and when he finally endangers the life of one of the other firemen he decides he still needs some time off. Meanwhile, Alex Taylor joins the squad, a paramedic having just taken the fireman's test. Everyone knows who she is because she sued Danny Gamble over in the 75 for sexual harassment. She is cold to everyone, but is a hard worker. At first, like many others, Doherty just thinks she's litigious in nature, because his friend Danny would never do the things she said he did. However, when Danny comes by to welcome Doherty back, and Doherty sees the way Danny is around Taylor, he realizes her claims were justified.

#5 Kim's Hope Chest: Aired Monday, October 30, 2000

Kim finds herself longing for a normal family after breaking the rules and saving the unborn child of an accident victim. When her son, Joey, acts out at school, and his principal says it may be because of his parents' divorce, Kim uses this as an excuse to make a desperate ploy to get Jimmy back. Jimmy, however, is finally happy in his relationship with Brooke, and rebuffs her advances. Kim finally realizes that there is more than one way to reach out to family, and reconciles with her sister Melanie, with whom she hasn't spoke since Melanie slept with Jimmy.

#6 The Tys That Bind: Aired Monday, November 6, 2000

Ty finds out that his father had a whole second family, and everyone knew, including Ty's own family and Sully. The cops hunt for a brick-thrower who is randomly attacking everyone from truck drivers to young school girls to tourists.

#7 After Hours: Aired Monday, November 20, 2000

After watching four teenagers burn to death in a horrible car accidents, everyone deals with their grief and horror in a different way. Ty gets stinking drunk. Alex accuses Bobby of mothering everyone and they share a kiss. Bosco and Kim hook up in Bosco's car. Doherty realizes why Carlos is such a loser when it comes to women. Sully is given some good memories. Faith and Doc enjoy a forbidden ride on a Merry-Go-Round. The gang finds themselves interacting with mysterious teenagers... the teenagers from the burning car. Everyone watches the sunrise at Coney Island.

#8 Know Thyself: Aired Monday, November 27, 2000

Bosco gets an anonymous gift of poison ivy. The police search for a bunch of escaped convicts after a Rikers bus crashes. Faith finds out that her husband has been lying about going to AA meetings and assumes that he'll start drinking again. Faith and Fred start fighting and she admits to him that she had an abortion. Fred kicks Faith out and asks for a separation. When Faith tells her partner about the abortion, Bosco is also very upset. Fred encourages Faith to go to an Al-Anon meeting, and after she loses it on patrol with Sully she goes. She finally admits to Fred that she knows she has problems trusting people and they reconcile.

#9 Run of the Mill: Aired Monday, December 4, 2000

Sully becomes reacquainted with an old neighborhood friend, Stan Brandolini, whose son is about to put him in a nursing home. Sully convinces the son to wait it out until after the holidays, because Stan always has the best Christmas house decorations and takes great pleasure in them. Unfortunately, this year Stan planned it to be the last for him and his stroke-victim wife, and starts a fire which ends up taking both their lives. At the same time, Sully starts to realize that his life is too much of a routine, and he makes an effort to do new things and get to know his neighbors. At a pre-nuptial party for Doherty and Brooke, Alex accidentally catches the groom-to-be with his best friend's date. She confides in Bobby, and before long, the gossip's spreading like wildfire. Luckily, the wedding still goes off without a hitch.

#10 History: Aired Monday, December 18, 2000

Beverly, an old high school girlfriend of Doc's, shows up and reminds Doc of a guilt he has been carrying around with him since high school. Doc cares for a mentally challenged couple after the wife almost blows up their apartment making meatloaf. Doc is frustrated when no one will listen to him when he says the couple can't take care of themselves, and then later almost lets the wife die to prove his point after she creates another explosion. Doc finally admits to Sarah that he accidentally killed his childhood best friend in a fight over a girl. Carlos's genetics experiment fails, and scared of getting a bad grade and not getting into med school, he sleeps with an adoring dumpy classmate to steal her notes. When he can't go through with hit he gets a D on the project and realizes that perhaps med school is not in his future.

#11 A Hero's Rest: Aired Monday, January 15, 2001

New Yorkers, including many cops, have lottery fever when the jackpot goes up to $70 million. A sniper on a bicycle declares war on the government and its soldiers - cops. Bosco is almost hit by the sniper. Another cop from the 55, Richardson, is shot and Davis holds his hand as he dies on the street. Davis is touched when Mrs. Richardson asks him to be a pallbearer. 55 Charlie and 55 David end up apprehending the shooter together. The 55 gets a new hardass patrol sergeant, Jason Christopher. When Faith and Bosco used to work with Christopher, Bosco slept with the man's fianceé and Christopher hasn't forgotten it.

#12 True Love: Aired Monday, January 22, 2001

Joe Lombardo comes after Jimmy after he finds out about Jimmy's tryst with his girlfriend, Linda, at Jimmy and Brooke's engagement party. Jimmy tells Brooke about it and she leaves him standing on their front steps after telling him to leave her alone. Bosco beats up his mother's abusive boyfriend, Skaggett, after he finds his mother in the hospital, even after his mother begs him not to. Skaggett threatens to press charges against Bosco, but withdraws when Bosco's mother threatens to file assault charges against him. Sully finally works up the nerve to ask out his neighbor, Tatiana, and then she takes him to bed.

#13 Duty: Aired Monday, January 29, 2001

Sully is in a good mood because of Tatiana, but that is soon shattered when he is picked up by Internal Affairs on his way to work. One of Sully's old co-workers from ten years back has accused a number of cops of various things, and Sully is being tried for fabricating evidence. After getting treated like dirt by IAB, Sully gets off the hook when the accusing cop commits suicide and claims in a note that all his accusations were false. Sully admits to Davis that he actually did move a discovered piece of evidence twenty feet so that it was within a search warrant. Carlos thinks Kim is coming on to him and when he tells her it could never work between them and confused Kim plays along so as not to bruise his ego. An old math teacher of Bobby's who changed his life when he was fifteen asks for his help in dying peacefully since she's suffering a slow painful death from ovarian cancer. After much deliberation, Bobby pockets some morphine from work and goes through with it. Kim notices Bobby stealing morphine and talks to Doc about it who confronts Bobby. Bobby assures Doc and Kim that they're mistaken. Bosco is having strange dreams which he figures out are due to his neighbor's TV movies. He confronts his neighbor and is charmed by the daft blonde in the white nightie who opens the door.

#14 A Rock and a Hard Place: Aired Monday, February 5, 2001

It's a quiet day at the firehouse. Alex is happy that she's finally feeling like part of the gang, but doesn't want to be dating Bobby, so she tries to trick him into breaking it off with her by telling him that she wants a threesome... with another guy. Lombardo and the gang are still giving Doherty a hard time, so when Lombardo stupidly shoots a potato in the wrong direction and breaks a cop car window, Doherty takes the rap. Davis wants to meet Sully's girlfriend. Sergeant Christopher bullies Davis and Sully into helping him look for Bosco and Yokas who seem to have dropped off the map. When it becomes clear that something has actually happened to them, Christopher wants to cover it up so it doesn't look like his bad supervision, but Sully rats him out. It turns out that Bosco, Yokas, Doc, and Carlos are trapped in a basement while originally investigating a dead homeless man and then becoming engaged in a shoot-out with drug dealers who were keeping their heroin in the same basement. Yokas accidentally shoots Doc with a ricochet when she tries shooting at the locked door. Doc just barely survives the incident, and Carlos panics having to take care of Doc, while Bosco's fear of the dark comes to light and Yokas misses her daughter's birthday party. Davis's sharp eyes notice that the door to the basement is covered by a trash container and Sully, Davis and Christopher rescue the trapped foursome.

#15 Requiem for a Bantamweight: Aired Monday, February 12, 2001

Bobby remembers his childhood best friend, Paulie, a boxer who couldn't quite make it and didn't know what else to do. Paulie's sister, Gina, comes looking for Bobby, saying her brother needs help. He's been shooting heroin, and when Bobby finds him he's close to death. Bobby takes Paulie to the hospital, but he leaves as soon as he's able. Paulie comes by that night asking Bobby for help, but he just steals the keys to Bobby's mother's apartment and then robs her. When Bobby confronts him and tries to flush his newly bought drugs down the toilet, Paulie shoots him, takes the drugs, and runs, leaving Kim to deal with Bobby slowly dying on a dirty bathroom floor. Sully finds out that Tatiana not only has a fully-grown son, but she has been in the country illegally for three years on a tourist visa. When Sully offers to help pay some of her bills, she instead proposes that they get married. Even though she doesn't love him, she likes him a lot, and she may eventually love him, plus he'd be a good father and husband. Sully is a little put off by her practicality. She explains how hard her life was back in her country and how she made a good life for herself and her son in the U.S.

#16 Unfinished Business: Aired Monday, February 26, 2001

Bobby goes into surgery after being shot by his childhood friend, Paulie. The paramedics gather at the hospital with Bobby's mother while the cops scour the city for Paulie. Paulie's sister, Gina, tries to help the cops find her brother, and Kim obviously blames the girl for getting Bobby involved with Paulie again in the first place. Carlos isn't sure he feels like part of the paramedic family yet. Bobby doesn't make it, and Paulie goes to jail.

#17 The Self-Importance of Being Carlos: Aired Monday, March 19, 2001

After Bobby's death and a tough situation in which an elderly couple dies in an RV that falls off a bridge, Carlos and Doc are subjected to a stress debriefing. Carlos uses the opportunity to pick up the counselor and shows her his true callous self in the process. After sleeping with him, she recommends that he get sensitivity training, and Carlos finds himself stuck in the feel-good class with Bosco, who's a regular. Carlos realizes that he is truly lacking in compassion, and tries hard to learn it, but his fellow co-workers are incredulous that this is something he has to learn. He finally realizes that doing random acts of kindness makes him feel good about himself, which is a little step in the right direction, but he still has trouble dealing with humans on an everyday basis. Jimmy realizes that Kim is still having a hard time dealing with Bobby's death even though she says she's getting beyond it. Lombardo tells Jimmy that his girlfriend Linda is pregnant, but Jimmy is definitely not the father. Lombardo tells Jimmy that he's still his best friend.

#18 Honor: Aired Monday, April 16, 2001

Brooke asks Jimmy for a divorce. Linda tells Jimmy that the baby she is carrying is most likely his, and Jimmy is torn about telling Lombardo. The firefighters of the 55 play the firefighters of the 86 in a grudge match in which they almost kill each other, but lives are really on the line when they fight a five-alarm fire together later that day at an abandoned warehouse where a family of squatters were living. Jimmy gets his rival at the 86, Knowlins, out of the warehouse after he is severely burned, but Knowlins doesn't make it. Three firefighters die in the blaze, some of which were trying to save Jimmy. Lombardo, hospitalized, is not out of the woods, and wants to marry Linda as soon as possible to make sure she and the baby get his benefits. Jimmy tries to tell Lombardo about the baby, but Lombardo purposefully tells Jimmy to shut his mouth. Jimmy signs the divorce papers as Brooke asked him to.

#19 Walking Wounded: Aired Monday, April 23, 2001

Kim is still having a tough time getting over Bobby's death, and overdoses on red wine and sleeping pills. Jimmy can't believe that she would do that to their son. A lethal batch of heroin starts to kill off junkies all around New York City. Molly and Bosco have a good day when they manage to save a kid who has overdosed after he stops breathing. Sully talks to Ty about Tatiana's proposal. Sully isn't sure that Tatiana isn't using him for U.S. citizenship, and wonders if true love isn't out there somewhere.

#20 Man Enough: Aired Monday, April 30, 2001

Doc asks Dr. Sarah Morales to marry him, and she happily says yes and tells him about a job interview she has in Philadelphia. Doc tries hard to be the understanding fiancée, but he doesn't want to leave New York and he's scared of ending being the "wife" in his relationship. Meanwhile, Carlos is hoping that Doc won't leave him, and of course shows that he cares by needling Doc about who wears the pants and making Doc feel even worse. Doc tries to help a homeless mother and son because the mother needs treatment for pneumonia and son has Asperger's Syndrome. When Sarah is offered the high-paying job in Philadelphia, Doc starts to plan to go with her, and then realizes that he can't, and Sarah can't be the wife that he needs. Sarah needs to take this job for her own career. They sadly break up even though they still love each other.

#21 Exposing Faith: Aired Monday, May 14, 2001

Faith is disappointed when she has a whole three days off from work and her husband breaks their romantic weekend plans to go try to win a free truck. She goes out on the town and ends up meeting a friendly photographer who lets her be someone else for twenty-four hours. She ends her stint away from her life by busting three guys who have been holding up cafes around the city. Meanwhile, Fred ends up competing with Bosco for the new truck in a contest to see who can keep their hands on the truck longest. Bosco drives a religious man insane by taunting him until he retaliates physically, taking his hands off the truck. Another nerdy insurance guy passes out from sleep deprivation. The remaining guy, Leroy, teams up with Fred to fake a purse-snatching, getting Bosco out of the picture. Leroy, having loved watching Faith yell at Bosco earlier when she stopped by, then gives Fred the truck because he deserves it for being married to a woman who can put Bosco in his place.

#22 ...and Zeus Wept: Aired Monday, May 21, 2001

A skinny 14-year-old boy, sick of getting picked on at school, steals his father's gun and goes on a shooting spree at his school. The cops, paramedics, and even firemen, of the 55 spend most of their shift dealing with the fall-out. Faith, mother of two young children, is particularly disturbed by the situation, and the news that there was a spot on her mammogram only adds to her bad day. Kim continues to struggle with her depression. Sully offers to help Tatiana get a legal green card.

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