Review of The Other "L" Word

Written by cubtat2

After Ryne Sandberg was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, it was announced at the Cubs Convention a couple weeks later that his number would be retired sometime this summer. *happy dancing* He joins Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Billy Williams as the only players to have their number retired by the Cubs. *happy dancing* In case you don't know, the Cubs Convention is held every year in Chicago and a gaggle of Cub fans go. No, I've never been, but I would love to go one year.

Can I get some clarification on last week's episode? I still don't get it. *confused*

The dood is bleeding. Ewww. And the burns. Ewww.

OH SICK!! Ewwwwwww ewww ewwww. I *did not* need to see the tooth fall out of that guy's mouth. Ewwww

SWERSKY!! *smile* Bubba!! *smile*


Bubba's pissed, daymn.

Oh, ick! Bad dood hacked up on Cruz. Oh, that's just....*dry heaves*. I think I need to shower now....gross!

Jelly: "Nice shirt." lmao. *gigglesnort*

More PapaSwersky! Yaaaa!! *smile*

Swersky says we shouldn't panic. Under normal circumstances, I would, but what PapaSwersky says goes...*not panicking*

Ahhh! Why won't my fast-forward button go any faster?!?! I hate commercials. Grrr...

Well, at least Cruz changed and washed up. I don't know if I could take anymore of her gakked-on shirt.

Bubba: "This is a delicate situation here."
Carlos: "So are my testicles. I might want to have a family one day."

Bwhahahahaha...."So are my testicles." Bwhahahaha

Swersky! My darling!! *smile* I love Swersky.

Man, DK loves his coffee cake..."Which fat ass cop at the last of the coffee cake?" LMAO!!

"Fat ass?" Bwhahahahaha

"Why don't we talk about your stupid coffee cake outside, bucket-head?"

Bwhahahahaha. Please, let me just enjoy this. The Sully/DK exchange reminds me of my father and I, although I would never ever ever call my dad "Fat ass." I call him "Fat boy." We're just a little, ehm, different.

Oh damn...that was classic....*laughing until it hurts*

Jelly: "Whoa, you got DVDs?" .*gigglesnort* I love Jelly. He's such a goober.

Just so you know, the whole "coffee cake" thing has become a running joke between a friend and I (You want some coffee cake, Kay? *gigglesnort*). I may reference it from time to time in this review and beyond.

Smore ECF/Ty/PapaFinney stuff....*yawn*

Spooky to see the Five-Five empty. And here come the aliens, er, I mean the HAZMAT team.

Smore Bubba!! Yeah!!! *has flashbacks to "Forrest Gump"* I really need to buy that movie.

The package is contained, but they can't go back yet...I'm sensing smore PD/FD interaction...

OH!!!! "Casablanca." One of my favorite movies. Mmmmm....Humphrey Bogart....mmmm

Jelly: "You got any chips?"
Walsh: "No."
Jelly: "In that whole kitchen?"
Walsh: "Yeah, in the whole kitchen."
Jelly: "How can you watch a movie without any snacks?"

Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love Jelly. He's such a goober. My friend Kay pointed out that he could fit a snack tray on that belly of his. Yep, yep. A snack tray and then some. *hugs Jelly anyway*

That reminded me of the old SNL skit, "Cheezborger, cheezeborger". LOL "No fries, cheeps." I so easily amused. *laughs*

DK: "Hey, call me bucket-head one more time!"
Sully: "How bout bucket-BOY?"

.*continues to laugh.* I love it when Sully yells. Makes me all giddy.

"All right Sully, knock it off."

PapaSwersky rocks! .*hugs Swersky*

Swersky doesn't want the prisoner to go. Do you blame him? Really? But he lets him go anyway. *sigh*

Nice conversation between Faith and Emily! *smile* Faith looks great.

"No, I picked them all up 'cause of the possibilities." Sounds like something my dad would say whenever he plays cards.

Oh, ewww. More of contaminated dood bleeding. Ewww. Ewww. And Cruz, he does not understand English. Duh!

Carlos, YOU FOOL! Damn. *kicks Carlos in the tush* Bad Carlos!!

BOSCO! Cool!

"I was worried about that last test. I didn't...I didn't study for it or anything." LOL!!

He can leave tomorrow! Yaaaaa! But nothing about going back to work...hmmmm OMG!! He called Faith. How sweet!! Just so everyone knows, Faith's number is 555-0164.

They need radiation screens...blah blah blah. This is really boring, sorry.

"Between FDNY bitching about their coffee cake and Jelly trying to talk them into giving up their chips, I'd rather be out here." *gigglesnortle* Coffee cake...bwhahahahaha

It must be written down somewhere that Sully hasta say some version of "Crap" in every episode. Seriously. "ca-RAP" last week, "Crappy" this week. I love him.

TY!! *hugs* Ty is such a liar. Liar liar pants on fire! *snicker* BAD TY!! NO COFFEE CAKE FOR YOU!

BUBBA!! I seriously need to buy "Forrest Gump"

Carlos finally realizes what a dork (to put it LIGHTLY) he was. Poor Holly. *hugs* Men suck sometimes. Carlos needs to grow up just a *little* bit more, ya know.

So Raymond is dead. No case. Zzzzzz...wake me when this is almost over.

Who the HECK is this dood busting into the lounge? I'm totally confused. Oh, it must be Bubba's boss. Hemmm.

So maybe the 'L' word tonight is "Lucky"... I have sudden urge for some coffee cake....mmmm

PapaFinney's wake is freaky weird. EVERYONE knows that he didn't die in his garage.

TY!! Hi!!! Whatcha bring? Oooh, we get a Maggie Davis reference. She needs to be on again. She was wunnerful.

Ty is still conflicted. Awww, cmere. *hugs*

More radiation shiznit. *snooze* Hey, I tried to like it, but I just couldn't. Man, Cruz got defensive. Yeesh.

ROSE!! I love Rose. She rocks. I love her.

Rose being mom. "It's cold outside." Awww. I wish that Rose was my mom right about now. I love Rose.

FAITH!! She looks fabulous.

Eeeeek! Wow, look at his scarring. Emily's reaction was perfectly normal. Bosco's wasn't though. Poor guy.

ECF/Grace interaction. Ewww. They make me want to vomit. Ewww.

Ty!! Kitty! *hugs* Watch it, Sully. Watch it. He's conflicted. He's sad. He's upset. Just watch it.

"You must see the irony..."


Ooohooooohoohohohhhhhhooooooo. Ty is one angry young man. And the flashlight at the mirror. YOU BREAK, YOU BUY!! Poor Ty. *hugs*

Oh blah. More ECF/Grace....*gak*

He doesn't want to ride in the wheelchair. Typical Bosco.

"Home. Take me home." Awww, that's so adorable.

Bosco: "I'm walking out of here, Faith."
Faith: "I know you are."


"You can have his chicken fingers." Bwhahahahahaha.

Did Faith bring his car? Five-five David? OH WOW! That is so sweet. That's just wow. Made me a little misty.

"How 'bout I let you play with the lights and sirens? How's that sound?" *gigglesnort* A funny moment in the midst of a touching scene.

Smore Sully!!! *hugging repeatedly* Oh, there's "lucky" again. Yep...the 'L' word is "lucky."

.*hugging Sully again* What??!?! He's huggable. Slipper-shuffle huggable. Just-woke-up huggable. Just-for-the-hell-of-it huggable.

And now I have the sudden urge for coffee cake....daymn.

BUBBA!! *smile* I really do need to buy "Forrest Gump".

Raymond had no cesium on him; the mules were at the hospital to give it to him...hmmm. I'M STILL A LITTLE CONFUSED!!

Carlos, you *need* to grow up a little bit more...*smacks Carlos upside the head*

BUBBA!! Ewww. Cruz and Bubba flirting...ewwww. *rubs eyes* Blecky.

Oh man, the camera angle in the house is freaky. Not used to it.

This house/chasing Fatwah/shooting was a little disappointing. I so tried to like this storyline, but I just couldn't. Oh no...BUBBA GOT SHOT!! .*has more flashbacks to "Forrest Gump"* I think I'll buy that movie now.

Holly went home!?!? Awww *tear*

Cruz didn't get one message on 9/11? Daymn. That makes me sad.

Oh my...Cruz is sick! What is it? There are forms, so it's not HIV or AIDS. My bet would be cancer or Hepatitis, although if she had an advanced stage of cancer, she would not be working and would most likely be in a hospital. Daymn.

I want to know what Cruz has..........right after I have some coffee cake. *goofy grin*

Ahhh! ANOTHER week off?!?! Grrr. I just got used to Third Watch being back...*breaks things*

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