Season 6, Episode 13: The Other "L" Word

Can you tell the boss I'm gonna be a few minutes late?

Aired: Friday, January 21, 2005

Rating: 6.5/11

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Written by Charles Holland
Directed by Edward Allen Bernero

Guest starring
Patti D'Arbanville as Angela Rose Boscorelli
Joe Lisi as Lt. Swersky
James Murtaugh as Chief McInerney
Joe Badalucco as Jelly Grimaldi
Yvonne Jung as Holly Levine
Manny Perez as Santiago
Colleen Clinton as Dr. Lane

Special guest star Mykelti Williamson as Dante Rice

Firefighter Derek Kelly as D.K.
Firefighter Bill Walsh as Walsh
Darien Sills-Evans as Dr. Fields
Susan Kelechi Watson as Emma St. Claire
Elisabeth Harmon as Marion Finney
Laith Nakli as John Doe
David Butler as Commander Meeks
Monte Bezell as Abdul-Mohammed Fatwah
April Yvette Thompson as Jordan Rice
Eddie Reyes as hazmat leader
Corey Robinson as hospital aide
Jamie Lynn Weisman as ND nurse