Review of Leap of Faith

Written by cubtat2

Cruz is going to jail! Cruz is going to jail! *does a happy dance* I feel good deep inside that she's going to jail.

Faith is late to her own custody hearing? Yeaaaaaah, smooth move. Hey, NuCharlie. He needs a haircut. "I had a personal problem at home." Ummm, riiiiiiight.

I want to slap Fred. Jes sayin. "You think she's lying?" Faith trying to sway Emily. Pshaw! I was expecting Emily to say that she was.

I still want to slap Fred.

Mug shot? Check. Fingerprints? Check. Put in Gen Pop? Um, check? "Captain Finney's orders." Oooooh.

Plucking Faith out of the hearing to haul her down to IAB. Damnity. At least Fred is concerned.

"Rat Jr. shows up here and a month later, one of us is behind bars. Nah, I'm sure that's just a coincidence." *snicker* Oh, how I love that man.

"Did you pick that up with your supersonic hearing or is my locker bugged?" *giggle*

"It must wear you out, keeping up with that intellect all day." *giggling like a mofo* Oh, how I love him. And that look Ty gave him. Ya'd think after working with him all that time, Ty would be used to stuff like that. Guess not.

I see EvilChildFinney hasn't moved out of Faith's locker yet. I must go kick his ass.

IAB coming to get Faith was so not right.

Faith's attorney: "Your Honor, I humbly move for a continuance." Judge: "I'll bet."

Faith's right, IAB coulda given her time to say goodbye to her kids.

"You better hope that having to postpone your little family court case is the biggest problem you have at the end of this day." Can I smack him? Hard? I did not like his tone with Faith.

DK!! WALSH!! Squeeeeeee!! "And this one eats all the raisins." *snicker* I miss them so much. LOL! Them butchering the new firedude's last name. LOL!! "A bunch of 'Z's' from Greenpoint." LOL!! I miss Walsh (and DK).

"Some of us are sick and tired of the parade of Joe Hunky Fire dudes who show up just long enough to get the women all worked up, and then slither off into the sunset." LMAO!!

"What? Name one good-looking white dude in the NBA?" *snicker*

Hey, look, it's Stu Stzhtbwetnabnawer orhoweverthehellyousayhisname.

"Speak up. I think a few people in Guam didn't hear you." *snortle* Cruz really needs to drop her attitude. Seriously. Cruz doesn't have anybody? That's sad.

Jailed woman: "Well, at least I know how to do some math, bitch. There's a whole bunch of us, and one of you" Cruz: "Fine. I'm scared. I'm going to be over in the corner trembling. Bitch."

Oooooh. I got $10 on the jailed lady, cause Cruz needs to drop the 'tude and fast.

This lady that Carlos and Levine went to see is, well, strange.

"Is this your busy season? Or maybe closer to the holidays?" ROFLMAO!! Yeah, the medics are a lot like Macy's. Not. Still, too funny.

"Like you said, it's our busy season, so. . ." *giggle*

"I wanted to, you know, see what it was like to do drugs." Umm, ok.

I noticed that Kathy looks somewhat like Kristin Davis of "Sex and the City" fame.

She took Tums? WTF?!?! Yeah, ooook. I giggled for a good five minutes, cause I kept saying "I took 10! I took 10!" I'm easily amused.

Carlos: "So, um, let me get this straight. You thought you were going to die from eating too many antacid tablets?" Kathy: "That won't kill me?" Carlos: "Maybe if you were eating them when you're walking out into traffic or something."


"I'm not going to spend the rest of the day at Bellvue because some wack job tried to get high on Rolaids." lol! But they were Tums. I know a Tums bottle when I see one. Oh, and I like Levine's hair. Very nice.

Loved how Levine was nice to her. So sweet. Levine rocks!

That look Carlos gave Kathy. lol. Sorry, there have been more than the usual giggle moments so far tonight.

Love it that Faith is so adamant about getting a lawyer. Good girl. Oh, and PapaFinney, I can see right through you.

"Alright, we just have to have a little chat about why the physical evidence does not match your story about what happened that night." Oh DAMNITY! THE PHOTO OF HIS WRIST! Wow.

"We all know that Sgt. Cruz killed Donald Mann. I just need you to confirm this." Rut-ro. Faith has a big decision to make.

PapaFinney's first name is Cathal? WTF?!?! Man, I think I'm watching an episode of Law & Order again!

"That she has a brain cell or a plane ticket?" *snortle*

Judge: "What happend to your face?" Cruz: "I, uh, tripped over my 'ties to the community.'"


Rikers?!? WTF?!?! Gotta give points to the judge for being a bit of a smartass.

Cathal T. Finney trying to care. Nope. Not buying it. Not at all. You evil, evil man.

Walsh. . .AGAIN! Wheeeeeeee!!

"Dead bitch walking." Oooooooh, snap.

Kathy is so calling out for help. Just wish that both Carlos and Levine could see it. "Well, maybe she couldn't hear over all the voices in her head." *giggling smore*

Love how Carlos and Levine play off each other. Love it, love it, love it.

"I don't want to lose my kids." Awwww.

"I understand you're weighing your own children against protecting that piece of crap Cruz, which show me exactly how you feel about your children." DAYMN! He did not just go there. I don't like him just that much more.

Faith's ready now. I wonder which version she will tell. Hmmm.

"Look, no Circuit City open-box special for starters. And I want a witness." Wheeeeeee!!

She wants full immunity. Smart girl. Very smart.

"And I want it in writing and I want it signed by a Deputy D.A." Squeee!! Go Faith! *does a lil "Faith Rocks" dance*


"Oh hell." *smirk*

Holy mother! It's WackoChick, er, um, I mean Kathy.

"Ok Kathy, you can call me Sully, just in case you change your mind." *trying not to say anything* *biting lip* *doesn't wanna giggle at the simplicity*


"Can I be honest with you about something? You're making me a nervous wreck out on that ledge." Really? LOOK MA, NO HANDS!!

Ty, why aren't you doing anything? Look like a D-O-R-K just standing there.

THAT LOOK! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! *slobbers* Huh?? Oh, yeah, this review thingy. . .*slobbers smore*

"What the hell? Ok, Kathy, don't get startled, but there's a moron coming to save ya." *falls out of chair from giggling* I tried not to! I swear!

"Finney, would you go away? I don't need you." *smirk* Oh, how I love him. . .

Ty's still standing on the street? Whaaaaaaaaa? *throws a phone book at Ty.* Bad Ty. Bad Ty.

"What's your plan now, genius?" Ok, I give! *dies from giggling*

"I would rather be saved by him." *giggle* Stu Stzybefbywzzbnolobty orwhateverthehellhislastnameis is almost like a Jimmy Lite. Jes sayin.

The eyeroll! Classic.

Did I really need to see Cruz's naked body? Ewww upon ewwww upon ewwww.

FAITH CONFESSES! I thought she would pin it on Cruz! Holy. . .um, wow. FINNEY CAN'T BELIEVE IT! AND HE CAN'T TOUCH HER! She is such a smart lady.

It's barely November and I'm already sick of that stoopid Discover commercial.

"No you don't. You want Cruz." Squeeeee!! *does the "Faith Rocks" dance*

Ewwwwwww, more naked people *hides eyes*

Carlos can be such a sweetie. He likes her, he likes her.

"What, no ticker tape?" *gigglesnort* "And the last thing I needed up there was your stupid stunt." *giggling* Finney, go away. . .now. Before he gets pissed.

"But your old man is a thug, thief and a murderer, and nothing you do on this job is gonna change that." Ok, he's angry. You know why? Cause I got all warm and fuzzy inside.

ECF just realized what his daddy really is. lololololololol.

Cruz, please, PLEASE drop the 'tude. It is very unflattering in Rikers. I must admit, she sorta deserved the beat down. Sorry. AND WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE!

HEY WAIT! *thinking* PapaFinney killed PapaDavis?? If I'm reading things right, he did. He's gonna have to pay.

Carlos is jealous of Stu? Hmmm. . .he likes her, he likes her! In the words of a friend of mine, "Carlos is the gay fireman now." (The "gay fireman" is an inside joke, so just carry on.)

Papa Bear in civvies. *slobbers* Sorry, lost track of what I w. . .*slobbers*. . .HUH!?! Oh, yeah, the review. Sorry. *giggling*

Ty's playing with fire wanting to know why Papa Bear hates FinneyS so much. Don't play with fire, or you're gonna get burned. Please don't.

This is going to be sooooo good, even if it is the "See Spot Run" version (Oh, how I love him). Ok, dirty cops, payoff money, still not seeing what this has to do with PapaFinney. . .OH DAMNITY! Poor Ty. *sniffle*

"What are you saying, what, Captain Finney killed my father." *sniffle* My heart is breaking for Ty. *cries* "You can draw your own conclusions." How about no? Get back here and tell Ty. Now.

That rat bastard son of a bitch Finney. He's so gonna pay.

BOSCO! ROSE!. . . BOSCO'S AWAKE! *cries* Never thought I would be that happy to see Bosco.

There was stuff with Yokas and Cruz. Ten bucks says Yokas bailed her out, but I really don't care, cause I'm still crying that Bosco is awake.

Next week. . .there are no words. I can tell that there is something else besides PapaFinney working there. Maybe Sully isn't as innocent in the death of PapaDavis as he portrayed himself to be? So many thoughts are going through my head right now. Maybe I'll have a completely different page just on the preview.

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