Season 6, Episode 6: Greatest Detectives in the World

I have never wanted to hurt somebody so bad.

Aired: Friday, October 29, 2004

Rating: 6.5/11

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Written by Edward Allen Bernero
Directed by Ernest Dickerson

Guest starring
Joe Lisi as Lt. Swersky
Joe Badalucco as Jelly Grimaldi
Yvonne Jung as Holly Levine
Ned Luke as Ron Connelly
Heather Fairfield as Sandra Connelly
Special guest stars
Charles Haid as C.T. Finney
Chris Elliott as Jeffrey Barton
And Aidan Quinn as Lt. John Miller
Darien Sills-Evans as Dr. Fields
Susan Kelechi Watson as Emma St. Clair
Pamela Dunlap as Vivian Hill
Abby Wathen as Tara Connelly
Steve Hamm as uniform one
Todd Williams as Detective Barlow
Paul T. Greenwood, Jr. as ESU boss
Tyree Simpson as passing uniform
Featured music
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day (ending song)