Season 6, Episode 3: Last Will and Testament

We don't pick the day, the day picks us.

Aired: Friday, October 1, 2004

Rating: 6.1/11

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Written by Simon Mirren
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley

Coby Bell
Nia Long
Molly Price
Anthony Ruivivar
Skipp Sudduth
Tia Texada
Jason Wiles
Cara Buono
Josh Stewart
Guest starring
Joe Lisi as Lt. Swersky
Amy Ryan as Jenny
Gordana Rashovich as Jibeze
Armand Schultz
Special guest stars
Chris Bauer as Fred Yokas

And Aidan Quinn as Lt. Miller

Yvonne Jung as Holly Levine
Firefighter Bill Walsh as Walsh
Jane Kim as Heng Lin
Jai Chun as Fung
I.J. Shin as Mrs. Lin
Marty Grabstein as Ted
Susan Kelechi Watson as Emma St. Clair
Lauren Martin as Josie
Bruce Ho as Hoang
James Jenner as homeless guy
Tom Bruno as N.D. firefighter
Blaise Corrigan as workman