Season 6, Episode 22: Goodbye to Camelot

Series finale

Aired: Friday, May 6, 2005

Rating: 6.0/11


Written and directed by Edward Allen Bernero
Directed by

Special appearances by
Michael Beach Monte "Doc" Parker
Eddie Cibrian as Jimmy Doherty
Kim Raver as Kim Zambrano
Guest starring
Joe Lisi as Lt. Swersky
Jason Shaw as Stu Szczelaszcyak
Yvonne Jung as Holly Levine
Joe Badalucco as Jelly Grimaldi
Manny Perez as Manny Santiago
Firefighter Bill Walsh as Walsh
Firefighter Derek Kelly as DK

Special guest star Wyclef Jean as Marcel Hollis

Darien Sills-Evans as Dr. Fields
T. Sean Ferguson as Bernie
Firefighter Scott Freeze as FDNY firefighter
Timothy Joliat as Hopper
Marie Gabrielle as female officer
Sean Alvarez as thug