Quotes from Demolition Derby

"Divorce is a sin. If you die you'll go to hell." -Joey

"Little son of a bitch thinks he's Carl Lewis." -Davis
"How come you let him walk?" -Sully
"I don't know. Solvin' problems, I guess." -Davis

"There's nothing holding this building on its foundation but gravity." -foreman

"Damnit, get out of my shot. You have your job to do and I have mine." -reporter
"Well guess what? Today mine wins." -Bosco

"Bos, you know what? When somebody has a camera in your face, that's the time to not be a jerk." -Yokas

"You try lifting it with an airbag, it may shift and this whole slab comes down full force on one of us." -Frank
"Which one?" -Doherty
"Does it matter?" -Frank

"What did you say?" -Bosco
"Girl talk." -Yokas

"I'm sorry, we're closing." -priest
"The church closes?" -Kim
"Unfortunately, yes." -priest

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